Personal Letter

Hi Friends,

Launching Oh Pisi has been quite a roller coaster ride and I've learned a lot the hard way! I won't bore you with the details (although always happy to discuss over a drink!) but I launched Oh Pisi during the holiday season even though the website design isn't quite what I had envisioned and far from perfect. Now that the website is live, I need help getting the word out. Someone told me that your first customers are always family, friends, and fools. Obviously, none of you are fools so you must be one of the other two! ;)

You know someone who will buy a children's gift this holiday season. Someone who wants to get something awesome but:

  • will have trouble finding an age appropriate gift;
  • is a busy professional and can't spend hours visiting specialty retail shops or reading reviews & gift guides online;
  • lives remotely from the child and will need to ship their gift;
  • wants a quality gift that can be used for months and years instead of hours.

That someone might even be you!

It's OK, I won't tell anyone. But I need you to tell that someone about Oh Pisi because that is exactly what we do – help people be a "gift hero" with the gift which lights up a child's eyes, activates their imagination, and helps them develop their skills.

I have shelves filled with fantastic gifts for children. Aside from my experience working with children from founding SF Tots and having my own kids, I've spent the past year immersing myself in this sector. I've completed in depth training to become an ASTRA Certified Play Expert (really!). I've spent hundreds of hours researching, testing, and evaluating toys, games, crafts, and other activities. I've traveled to trade shows, spoken with manufacturers, gone cross-eyed reading lab safety tests, and even played with lots of toys (OK, that part was fun!). Our current customers have been very happy – for you tech marketing geeks, we have a perfect NPS of 100, albeit on a tiny sample size but I'm keen to keep it. Last two customers said:

"... it was absolutely perfect."
"Ordered, so easy!"

Bottom line, I'll make sure that everyone you refer to Oh Pisi is thrilled with their experience. I promise. 

Could you do me a huge favor and spread the word?

  • Tell people in person to visit (or the easier to remember
  • Use those share buttons on the right side of the page to send an email, Facebook message, or Tweet (the buttons will appear on all other pages, not this private one)
  • Use the Tell A Friend button at the bottom of the page

You can also share a 10% off discount code with them: 10FRIEND

I truly appreciate both your friendship and assistance. Happy Holidays!

P.S. Please don't share *THIS* page since it's just for friends. Thanks.

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