You know how genie’s can be, thinking they know everything. Pisi is really great but we wanted to ensure he had some guiding principles to use when selecting gifts. This is what we asked him to look for:

  • Innovative & Unique products you won’t typically find at big box chain stores
  • Environmentally friendly such as items sustainably produced, using recycled materials and/or FSC certified woods
  • Incorporate free play so children can explore without limits and be creative
  • Gender neutral because girls can play with trains and boys can play with ponies
  • High Quality items that will withstand normal children's play without breaking
  • Safe items which are free of toxic chemicals and meet the highest international standards
  • Cause related (benefiting a charity, fair trade produced, etc)
  • Blurring the boundaries - toys which activate many interests. For example, we recommend STEAM toys which are the traditional STEM ("S"cience "T"echnology "E"ngineering "M"ath) but with an "A"rt component added. 

Of course, it’s rare for Pisi to find gifts that meet every single principle but he tries to meet as many as possible and never compromises on safety or quality.

Still have questions? Email us at and we’ll be happy to answer them!

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